It's been a little time since the boys in The Gonzo released any new music.  This is the first of many that those crazy dudes have ready for your ears.  Check out the lyrics.

Lyrics of Frankenstein

Born into a madhouse
Chained to a medical bed
His veins were tapped
With an intravenous pumping him full of lead
He looks do at the crease in his arm and he starts to unthread
The needle approximately four inches deep within his flesh
Liberation from the venom flooding his chest
Unknown strength overwhelms and the shackles 
come unhinged from the wall
He begins to crawl
Towards the flickering lights casting shadows down the hospital hall
Voices softly waft through the air singing a bone-chilling song
Flatlining monitors hum; and they hum along
Churning in his stomach tell him turn back for just one more dose
Like the comatose around you you'll escape the need for meaning and hope
You'll want more; you'll want more
As he struggles to find his center he loses touch
The corridor around him is shrinking and there is glass in the dust
Resting in his lungs
The ringing in his ears like a siren ushering his demise
From the other side
The clenching of his fists a failed attempt to distinguish the truth from the lies
There's a silhouette in the mist promising an eternal life
If he only dies
But there's an oscillation of his pulse that says that he is alive
A trail of tattered bandages the only evidence of escape
He makes his way
Through the winding maze of cages that imprison those who choose to obey
They'll enjoy their stay
Necessary therapy to quiet the whispers in their head
Is the line that they've been fed
They're already dead; All their heroes are dead
He's coming to terms with the inevitable consequence now
That there's no way out
Liberation is hand in the form of a black swirling cloud
Ash on the ground
To eradicate the evils the foundation must be hastened to death
With his final breath
He ignites the flame to lay all his captors and their victims to rest
It's for the best

Posted on March 18, 2014 .