Loveway Records Holds Third Party Benefit Show

About a month ago four of our good friends in the band Third Party walked into their practice space getting ready to jam those sweet tunes. Upon opening the door they found none of their equipment where they left it just a few days before. The room was completely trashed and they knew at that moment they had been robbed. A million thoughts went rushing through their minds as they picked up the space. With their upcoming album not fully finished and now all of their equipment gone they looked to friends, family, local musicians and fans to help spread the word about the lost equipment. They decided to set up an indie go go account to start gathering funds for the stolen gear as well as the rest of the funds needed to put out their album.

Help came from every direction and good vibes were widespread for the band that puts so much positivity and energy into their work. Being as Loveway Records is locally based out of Joplin we knew we needed to help our slugs out in one way or another so we thought what better way than to throw a benefit show. Everything fell into place and us along with three other local bands were able to raise over seven hundred dollars for Third Party. With the helping hands and generosity of others brought them over their indie go go goal and now our buddies are able to get replacement equipment and finish their upcoming album "Music For Driving" set to release sometime this year. Thanks for reading and remember to support your local music wherever you may be in the world!

Posted on July 2, 2014 .