Organic Mechanics (2014)


     Quinnli is originally from Webb City Missouri, United States. His debut album “Futuristicli Ancient” was released July 2013. Frindli gets his inspiration for his creatively written art from “nature, love, consciousness, self-realization, mind-expansion, and the expression of amazingly beautiful wonderful human beings (past and present).” 

     Musically, Quinnli’s style is dominated by bass-heavy EDM beats driven by his unique hip-hop style vocal delivery. Quinnli says “I would feel like I did my good job if someone listened to my music and was motivated in some way to express themselves freely without caring what others might think of them.” “Even if it just makes them move, laugh, nod their head, shake something, think outside the box, or get pulled over for getting a little too into the music I would be cool with that.”  

     Quinnli is currently working with producers PseudoScientist (Ben Wayne of Gonzo) and Pamu, and is in the process of completing material for his second release, "Organic Mechanics" with this to say: “I envision the production of this album to span out over the course of some time to capture the ever changing state of mind I’m in.”

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